Reduce significant risks and ensure confidence in your supply chain to both internal users and end customers with AegisWard solutions.

AegisWard is the recognized leader in providing innovative supplier risk verification programs that assist companies to reduce exposure to global business risk and liability.

Our Supply Chain Risk Mitigation solutions :

Vendor / Supplier

Risk Management

Vendor / Supplier Risk Management

There is a wide diversity of risks associated with your supply chain derived from the fact that supplier relationships depend on conditions of compliance and trust that require visibility.

AegisWard can assist in the administration, mapping and continuous monitoring of your suppliers with our Vendor / Supplier Risk Management solutions.

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    Through our proprietary platform VERIWARD, we can continuously or according to your needs monitor the situation of suppliers in lists of non-compliant or sanctioned taxpayers, legal bureaus and in more than 100 global information databases.

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  • Vendor Risk Mapping

    Through smart automation and analytics, AegisWard profiles your entire supplier base, empowering you to proactively manage the business and operational risk of your key business partners.

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Vendor / Supplier Risk Screening Audits

At the end of 2019, we have completed over 120,000 supplier audits around the world.

Today, your company's reputation is one of the most important intangibles to protect.

As experts in complete external audits and compliance verification, we help set a clear limit against all kinds of risks, from conflicts of interest or regulatory compliance to sensitive issues such as child labor or discrimination in the workplace.

The vendor / supplier risk screening by AegisWard delivers detailed analysis to assess on-the-ground reality and regulatory compliance to provide the assurance you need to cultivate long-lasting business relationships by minimizing legal, fiscal and operational risks as much as possible.

AegisWard offers two different programs of vendor / supplier risk audits:

AegisWard Supplier Ratings

(Proprietary methodology audits)

Custom Supplier Audit Programs

(Non-Aegisward developed methodology)

AegisWard Supplier Ratings

AegisWard offers supplier audits with its own and proven methodologies that go beyond standard protocols to determine and minimize risks while detecting opportunities and generating significant efficiencies.

Undergoing an AegisWard Supplier Ratings audit is necessary to meet some companies’ requirements for supplier compliance.

Our ratings are recognized as a guarantee of quality.

We offer three proprietary supplier ratings audit programs:

AegisWard TrustRating®

AegisWard SafetyRating®

AegisWard EcoRating®

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Custom Supplier Audit Programs

Clients come to us with their unique supplier risk mitigation concerns and we create customized assessment solutions to safeguard their companies.

We adapt to client’s internal corporate policies and uses methodologies or checklists previously defined by their organization.

AegisWard independently audit supplier's compliance with respect to additional laws, regulations and requirements of your company's corporate policy through different types of audits depending on risk.

Contact us for specific details and discover why AegisWard is the future of supply chain risk mitigation.

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