With over 9 years of experience from 8,500 property audits covering more than 16 countries, AegisWard helps strong franchises remain strong and large companies with several branches to remain in control, ensure consistency and increase profits with accurate, objective and independent specialized quality assurance services.

Brand Quality Assurance

At AegisWard we strongly believe in the power of a brand.

Whether it's to provide consumers with peace of mind, to build loyalty, or simply as a link to a superior experience, having a solid brand severely impacts customers' purchasing decisions. To benefit from the power of a brand, companies must consistently deliver on their brand promise, ensuring that a standardized quality of service is maintained across any of their units.

AegisWard offers a comprehensive brand quality assurance service in order for companies with branches, subsidiaries or franchises to constantly ensure that the standards and specifications established by their brand manuals are fully complied in order to increase their value. We help clients with internal standards development, brand risk assessment, brand standard compliance audit (operations & facilities) and brand protection services.

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Facilities Safety Quality Assurance

AegisWard ensures that client’s facilities, offices and franchises comply with building safety regulations to assure clients, employees and stakeholders of the operational safety of their property. We help banks, pawn shops, retail store chains, hotel chains, restaurant chains, amusement parks, property managers and developers to make sure their facilities minimize risks of injury to clients or guests.

We offer specialized facilities quality assurance audits that guarantee compliance with regulations and technical specifications depending on jurisdiction with respect to architectural, engineering and safety elements in order to minimize risks and keep a continuous eye on the facilities condition.

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