AegisWard provides firms of all sizes and industries with consistently professional investigative expertise to improve decision-making. We offer a comprehensive suite of due diligence solutions to better protect investments and make critical business decisions with confidence.

Our investigative skills, critical analysis, global presence and established reputation for independence and reliability qualify us to assist you in your company’s due diligence needs.


M&A Due Diligence

Risks inherent to doing business in any country are greater than ever. We can help you assess the risk associated with critical transactions or new business relationships in foreign countries by investigating, analyzing and verifying significant information.

AegisWard provides a risk-based approach to conduct the applicable level of due diligence based on precise criteria to identify key details and connect the dots.We offer services for traditional business acquisitions as well as digital business acquisitions (websites, platforms, online assets, etc.)

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Internal Due Diligence

AegisWard corporate investigations team can undertake internal due diligence on any organization to support their audit and/or compliance department in high risk issues as well as to discover internal control failures from key operational areas.

We can proactively and discretely identify issues for public companies, privately held firms, family offices, startups and educational institutions. Our specialists are experts in identifying and judging questionable transactions and risk areas to prevent and detect fraud or financial crimes, potential sanctions-related issues, conflict of interest and internal wrongdoing.

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Internal Audit Programs

AegisWard helps clients as a strategic ally to consolidate their operations by performing continuous announced or unannounced internal audits to any company division regarding operations and management.

Our Internal Audit service helps medium and large companies that want to have an independent and objective opinion that monitors the performance of the organization as a whole or key operational areas, giving assurance to C-level management and the board of directors regarding the proper management and operation of the company.

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