AegisWard provides firms of all sizes and industries with an integrated approach to business compliance management that helps clients address regulatory norms while creating business value.

Business Compliance Management

AegisWard helps clients to develop and implement risk and control policies and frameworks for systematic risk identification with consistent and homogeneous elements to gain accurate impact analysis and pro-active response plans.

We offer compliance risk assessments that identify major compliance risks of any organization and analyze mitigating factors to better manage remediation actions. Through our compliance policy program management services, your company can keep compliance policies current, available and audit ready regarding current and changing standards and regulations such as exports controls. Our ethics & code of conduct program development services helps companies to develop custom and best in class harassment and misconduct compliance programs, anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance programs, conflict of interest and gifts compliance programs and with our compliance monitorship service we make sure your companies compliance policies and controls are always current and upheld.

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Regulatory Compliance Management

AegisWard offers regulatory compliance management services to assist clients identifying laws, codes or standards applicable to their operating environment.

We offer services regarding Work Safety Compliance, Environmental Safety Compliance, Business Traceability Compliance, Product Recall Compliance and Packaging Compliance.

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International Standards Compliance Programs

AegisWard offers through its worldwide affiliates and partners international standard (ISO) certification programs for management systems that demonstrate compliance with internationally recognized norms.

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