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AegisWard reduces risk for clients of all sizes in four continents by performing extensive credit risk solutions, cyber risk solutions, corporate due diligence, quality assurance services, compliance & control solutions, business continuity programs and supply chain risk mitigation solutions.

Credit Risk Solutions

AML compliance and credit risk modeling

AegisWard helps financial institutions, retail and telecommunication companies to enable cutting-edge credit risk analytics to make better underwriting decisions. As well as to steer the intricacies of the current regulatory environment with comprehensive anti-money laundering screening and due diligence solutions.

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Cyber Risk Solutions

Cyber Vulnerability and Cyber Security Management

Cybersecurity should be seen as a strategic business issue that helps in capturing and extending value in the new digital economy. AegisWard’s cyber professionals help companies along the way toward cybersecurity and cyber resilience.

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Corporate Due Diligence Solutions

Independent and Reliable M&A & Internal Due Diligence

AegisWard provides firms of all sizes and industries with consistently professional investigative expertise to improve decision-making. We offer a comprehensive suite of due diligence solutions to better protect investments, your internal operations and make critical business decisions with confidence.

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Quality Assurance Solutions

Accurate measurement of corporate standards

With over 9 years of experience from 8,500 property audits covering more than 16 countries, AegisWard helps strong franchises remain strong and large companies with several branches to remain in control, ensure consistency and increase profits with accurate, objective and independent specialized quality assurance services.

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Compliance & Control Solutions

Independent business compliance management and monitorship

AegisWard helps clients to develop and implement risk and control policies and frameworks for systematic risk identification with consistent and homogeneous elements to gain accurate impact analysis and pro-active response plans.

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Risk Mitigation Solutions

Reduce risk and ensure supply chain trust with the best verifications in the industry

AegisWard helps clients to reduce risks associated with supply chain management and business continuity programs so they can stay focus on their business and day to day operation.

Many companies in emerging markets maintain limited governance and compliance standards and can potentially be hubs for many aspects of unethical business activity.

Our solutions create visibility across the regulatory landscape, enabling you to build a fully traceable supply chain operation while saving time, resources and gain peace of mind.

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