AegisWard® considers that the COVID-19 health and economic crisis will result in a restructuring of the global economic order for most, if not all, industries.

We are responding to the crisis by developing comprehensive safety protocols and adjusting our risk advisory and audit processes, in order to safely continue offering our services to clients with minimum risks for all the stakeholders involved.

Since March 2020, we immediately adopted an extensive work-from-home policy and increased our technology investments. Additionally we are lessening our office space infrastructure worldwide in order to reduce operating costs and offer additional across-the-board discounts to all our clients from June to December 2020.

As a global risk advisory firm we are positioned to help clients of all sizes in developing their own safety protocols in line with international organizations and local authority directives to ensure their businesses stay operational while keeping regulatory compliance and employees and customers safe.

Furthermore AegisWard® is offering CleanWard®, a quality assurance sanitary prevention assessment program at a deeply discounted rate so clients can rebuild trust easier, demonstrate compliance to local health and labor directives and ultimately their strong commitment to protect customers, workers and society in general with the strictest protocols.

CleanWard® protocols are also being integrated into AegisWard's risk advisory and supply chain risk mitigation services as of June 2020.

We offer the following services vs COVID-19 at a deeply discounted rate:

COVID-19 prevention and action plans

Bespoke development of protocols to comply with local regulations.

AegisWard helps clients worldwide to improve or develop their bespoke COVID-19 pandemic crisis plan, COVID-19 cleaning & disinfection protocols, COVID-19 preventive actions, COVID-19 social distancing protocols, COVID-19 employment training and awareness, COVID-19 business operations protocols and COVID-19 suspected cases response and containment plan.

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Quality assurance sanitary prevention protocol.

CleanWard® is a quality assurance sanitary prevention protocol developed by AegisWard® under the recommendations and public guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Council of Travel and Tourism (WTTC) and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) to provide stakeholders with confidence of the awareness and compliance of business operations with the strictest prevention and sanitary protocols vs COVID-19.

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