The world's tech-enabled supply chain risk advisory firm

AegisWard® uses proprietary tech to offer a broad spectrum of reliable risk management, compliance and consulting services in Australia


Experts in Risk & Compliance, all over the world. Compliance Never Sleeps.®

Powered by big data, advanced proprietary technology, extensive expertise and superior know-how, we are redefining the meaning of effective risk mitigation along supply chains.

We are globally known for:

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

Demonstrated Experience

We are a recognized leader in providing innovative ways to reduce exposure to global business risks.

Superior Process

Our advanced risk determination process guarantees absolutely no data gets lost in translation with unmatched efficiency.INDUSTRY LEADER

Comprehensive Analysis

Our world-class reports deliver actionable information regarding your company or your supply chain partners.

Client-Centric Approach

Our customer service strives to achieve perfection with a client-centric approach that provides solutions. Always.

Reliability and Accuracy

Bespoke, independent, efficient and reliable supply chain risk advisory and consulting services clients can trust.

Excellent Cost-Benefit

Keep peace of mind in your operations and supply chain without excessive spending. We beat every competitor.

As a global risk advisory firm, our ultimate objective is to identify risks and deliver relevant details that have direct impact on our client’s decision-making processes.

AegisWard has three main business units that operate independently to serve clients in a wide range of industries worldwide:

Risk Advisory Services

AegisWard reduces risk for clientes of all sizes in four continents by performing extensive credit risk solutions, cyber risk solutions, corporate due diligence services, quality assurance services, compliance & control solutions, business continuity programs and supply chain risk mitigation.

We are here to give you peace of mind.

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Consulting Services

AegisWard helps clients worldwide to capture opportunities, transform operations, drive growth and enhance profits with consulting services in Procurement, Sustainability and Business Transformation. Our team of seasoned experts can help your company achieve the competitive edge you are looking for to dominate your industry.

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Training & Development Services

AegisWard offers clients training & development services for the ever-changing regulations, standards and best practices. We can help client’s employees apply and improve best practices throughout the supply chain in specialized topics such as risk management, procurement practices, social responsibility and management systems.

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Some of our most well-known services: 

Facilities Safety Quali

Vendor / Supplier Risk Screening Audits

Reduce risk and ensure supply chain trust with the best verifications in the industry.

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Facilities Safety Quality Assurance Audits

Accurate measurement of corporate and safety standards.

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Corporate Internal Due Diligence Services

Independent and reliable corporate internal due diligence.

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We serve a global clientele

AegisWard serves a client base that includes Fortune 100® and Fortune 500® publicly traded organizations, financial institutions, law firms, NGO's and small & medium sized businesses in a diversity of industries.

Compliance Never Sleeps. ®

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